Bonny Light Horseman

September 21, 2008 4:46 PM

Another song from that Swedish woodshed tape. This I dont know the origin of. But the sentiments again appealed to us. The pain caused by Foreign Wars. Still relevant?

As mentioned in my previous posting "For a'that" Our acoustic folk group The Early Puritans in I think 1984, recorded a bunch of our songs, mostly Irish and Scottish. We only had a radio/cassette player. A boombox? Anyhow we sat at home round this little thing with its little built in mike and made a 60 minute tape just pausing it between songs. It got lost but I found it in the woodshed of our summer cabin in Sweden this year. Its been lying there for 24 years gathering dust and spiders webs. I made a CD of it a couple of days ago to send to the dispersed band members - gone to Australia and such places.
So its lo-fi. But painfully nostalgic for me. Attempting to recapture our youth we have discussed doing an internet based comeback, but I dont think we can manage the technology. Odd that. Bearing in mind that in 1984 we thought we might be the only remaining completely acoustic group in the world. No mikes or amplification at all. The Early Puritans indeed. Though that actually refers to a variety of potato. Potatoes and Ireland have a special relationship.

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this is musical crack rock to me. thanks!
posted by February28 at 5:13 PM on September 21, 2008

Just fucking great stuff. I hope in 20 years I can go dust off my old 20gb hard drive and find gems like these. Keep em comin
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I think this is my favourite of the 3. Such great harmonies.
Who is the female lead? Is she still singing?
I have to know.
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As I said before in your next song, I'm listening backwards to the list of posted songs, so this came to me at the end of the series of songs you posted, not at the beginning, and this introduction is more of a final note for me. A lovely final note. Great songs, I'm glad you found that tape and that you decided to post them.
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