The Apokakodex Opens: The Desecration Of Heaven Pt 1: A Call To Arms

September 28, 2008 2:00 AM

More Black Metal satirization. This time I attacked a different Black Metal cliche, the call-to-arms track demanding the execution of Christians. So NSFW on that level, I guess..

Though I should point out that this is an original track, not a cover of a pre-existing Black Metal classic was the object of the project in the first place. Country style covers of regarded Black Metal classic tracks. It was called "Appalachian Hunger", a take on the Darkthrone classic track/album "Transylvanian Hunger". I met the drummer for Ludicra at a show once, when he learned that I was behind Appalachian Hunger which he had heard on MySpace, he remarked "At first I wanted to hate it because it seemed like some hipster thinking it would be ironic and funny to cover black metal songs, but it was so well done and thought out that it stood as its own thing. Like, totally evil country music made with a bedroom black metal aesthetic."

That was an awesome compliment.

This song was just as I said, an original country song with the intent of a black metal song.. which is to say, totally fucking evil and slaughtering Christianity. It was written for humor, but it's a joke thats so obscure you have to really, really be into Black Metal to get it. But if you are that into Black Metal, chances are you will not find this funny, but blasphemous. So in retrospect, I don't know what I was trying to accomplish with Appalachian Hunger other then throwing rocks at a hornets nest.

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