The Kingdom Must Come Down

October 13, 2008 4:09 PM

This song is off my album "Lights Upon us". It starts off like a slow folk-country song but then picks up a bit.

If you like it there's a link in my profile where you can here the whole album.

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Man, this is great. I love the roomy, rattly percussion you've got going on. And you're right: I think the Vedderism is more on that one other track than a universal thing. My first thought out of the gate on this one was Brad Roberts, actually. Heh.
posted by cortex at 8:39 AM on October 14, 2008

Wow, this is pretty great. I like the voice and the overall sound of the recording.
posted by sleepy pete at 8:31 PM on October 15, 2008

I came here straight from the third song you posted. I was already a fan when I arrived, but now I am even more.

I like your songs a lot and I like the texture you get from the instruments you use and the way you record them.
posted by micayetoca at 12:56 PM on March 2, 2010

Just listened to your third music post. Your voice + guitar is fascinating. I think that here, percussion is distracting the listener from the beautiful texture of their alliance. There must be a way to add drums without destroying that spell. Ok, thanks !
posted by nicolin at 7:35 AM on March 8, 2010

Man, I love scanning my old music posts to see if anyone is listening to them!

micayetoca, the recording sound you say you like comes from good old fashioned ignorance on how to "properly" record things. It's a lot of trial and error and just going with what I think sounds good.

nicolin, funny you should say that about the percussion. I performed this with just me and my guitar at a friend's party and my buddy told me it sounds so much better stripped down. I don't know if I necessarily agree but I do write everything on an acoustic guitar.
posted by bingwah at 7:38 AM on March 10, 2010

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