I got a crush on Hannah Jones

November 14, 2008 12:15 AM

There was a post on earlier tonight about this girl Hannah Jones, the more I think about it the more I don't know what to think, other than it's a pretty crappy situation.

That post was not fun so instead of sitting by my computer being pissed off for another hour I decided to sit by my computer and try to write a song about it. I kinda used a similar melody for another song, that one sucked and I think I like this better. I imagine this being a loud and dirty punk song one day but since I'm not in a band at the moment this will have to work for now.

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Kind of has a Liz Phair vibe to it, when she was still Liz Phair.
Nice and bittersweet; I think loud and dirty would wreck it but I may be wrong. I often am.
posted by chococat at 11:29 PM on November 15, 2008

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