Santa Who Santa What

December 1, 2008 6:46 PM

Just another SomethingJoeChristmas tune.....Happy to report Ill be recording some fresh stuff soon. Happy Christmas. Watch out for the Fat Man. This has a slap happy rythem.

Also this is another song all me with a broken jaw or after the fact.
All good now. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

posted by american caesar (2 comments total)

I picture a band of tough toys playing toy instruments . . lead singer is a teddy bear with sunglasses and leather jacket, there's a jack in the box on bass, a stuffed kitty on toy piano, a wind-up robot on the drum kit, they are rocking out on a cicrcular rug under a lit up Christmas tree. . . so this kind of made my day.
posted by arcanecrowbar at 3:34 PM on December 3, 2008

Thats how it all went down.....Scary Christmas
posted by american caesar at 5:57 PM on December 3, 2008

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