Buttfuck Baby Jesus

December 2, 2008 7:38 PM

A track from my old band's 2002 Christmas EP. If you have any respect at all for me, or are offended by blasphemy or infant rape, you probably shouldn't listen to this.

We formed in 1995 and called ourselves Spaz. I played guitar, often badly. The bassist had previously played viola, which we figured also had four strings. The other two guys switched off drums and vocals, even though one of them couldn't do either competently.

The first song we wrote, with a guitar and a popcorn tin, was called "Buttfuck Satan." It is exactly what it sounds like. We re-wrote the lyrics for the Christmas EP.

I am so very, very sorry for this... but I couldn't pass up the challenge. Also for the clipping; we mixed this at 3am so we could get the CDs to people's doorsteps on Christmas morning.

"Juicy" sings; Danny makes a cameo.

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I feel dirty by favoriting this song but it's just so damn catchy, reminds me of early Beatles. I think I may have more respect for you now.
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"We re-wrote the lyrics for the Christmas EP."

Hey, that's really sweet! It's nice that you appreciate the spiritual meaning of this holiday season in a way that moves you to OH HOLY GOD WHAT IS THIS

Wow, this might be the most wrong song ever.

*listens again to check*
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Maybe BFBJ could have done like a PB& J. If we were ever to meet dont let it be on a day with lighting. Only because Im sure The man likes a two for one sale just as much as the other guy.
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Yeah just awe. Speechless awe.
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This is awesome and so wrong. I just forwarded this to a friend who'll love it.
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Every time I see this post, I think "Buttfuck Baby Jesus through the goalposts of life."

I'm going to hell.
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"What? It's not my god...."
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Man, I thought I was edgy when I was in a mock Xtian rock band. Most of our songs were horribly confessional and ripe with pent up homosexuality.

"You bring the bread,
and I'll bring the wine,
and we'll have a holy tiiiiiiiiime.

I wanna make witness with you,
I wanna be one and not two."
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reminds me of early Beatles

I think you and I might own different Beatles records.

Thanks, folks, for not being horrified. Or, I suppose, for being horrified in the right ways. We were a disaster of a band, but we had fun.
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This song is buttfuckin' great! Sounds like it was lifted from the lost Meatmen Christmas LP.
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Jesus Christ!
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I don't know how I missed this. Truly great.
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Oh my goddess!! I have tears streaming down my face at work! WOW This is SOOO politically incorrect it's awesome. LMFAO
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*stands and slowly claps*
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*also stands & claps slowly*

Thanks, cortex!
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I am astounded that I am the first to say:

Christ, what an asshole!
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By which I mean, of course, not "it is remarkable that uncleozzy is such a bad person", but rather "that savior guy has quite the anus, wow".
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I am confident that, if Jesus were here to hear this song today, He would roll his divine eyes, sigh and try to mumble something about this song really needing a bassline and the tone being sort of a derivative imitation metal rather than true metal itself... before breaking into the inevitable grin and raising the horns in a dark salute.
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This may be the greatest contribution to Rock 'n' Roll ever laid to tape.

This is SOOO politically incorrect it's awesome.

It's not just politically incorrect. It's morally, spiritually, musically and physically incorrect also. Achieving that takes some mean effort.
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Very catchy. With a little social engineering this will be the next UK Christmas Number One
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I'm appalled but impressed. So wrong and so catchy.
This is going on all my Christmas playlists.
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