Royalty free sample sources?

December 15, 2008 12:47 PM

What are some good royalty free (public domain/CC, etc) sample sources on the web? I'm mostly interested in quirky, interesting recordings and so on that can be sampled from/mashed up in commercial recordings.
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Many of the downloadable sample sites I've seen are fairly conservative and predictable in terms of what they have on offer: breakbeats, kicks and snares, you know the drill... not sure if this one is much different, but sampleswap might be worth checking out.
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Freesound is the best I've come across.
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i have a huge list of useful audio links on my site here.

I created that page for students i was teaching how to records and the such. Also The internet archive is good now and then.

Anyways those links and more are on my sites educational audio link page.

hope that helps good sir!

If anyone reads this and knows of more good links let me know and i will update my page to be more useful and inclusive. peace.
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Not entirely what you are after, but I just discovered sfxr. It's basically a small synth engine, optimised more for games developers than musicians, but it's a great and quick source of an infinite number of little blippy noises and explosions.
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Works by the U.S. government are (theoretically) copyright-free, so any US Army training video you get your hands on should be mashable.
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