July 10, 2006 9:47 PM

This is the first song I ever wrote. I was fifteen. I've come a long way, baby.

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Great! That's everybody's first song, isn't it? I think I have one very much like it.

Sounds like you had some Indigo Girls in your life at the time.
I think everyone should post their first shit.
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I played this song at a Creative Writing Group meeting either late freshman or early sophomore year in highschool. It was a profoundly outgoing thing for me to do at the time, and may have been one of the most important acts of gumption in my life.

After that first nervous performance went off well, I started playing open mics and such. I cannot say to what degree I owe public musical performances to my transformation from silent wallflower to outspoken jackass, but it was definitely a vital part of the process.

The song is full of strained rhymes and other artifacts of (how appropriate!) an amateur, but for that it is not really too bad, I think—after this one, I wrote several terrible, unlistenable, thankfully forgotten abortions before starting to find my early (and still fairly execrable) song-writing stride.

This was one of thirteen songs recorded in an actual studio for an actual Album—a neighbor had a little $10K basement setup, and I bought a few hours of time from him during a break in my freshman year of college. I have an alternate take recorded a year earlier in my bedroom, in which I completely fuck up the second verse, make ridiculous noises for half a minute, and then start again. Ah, youth.
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I didn't even know who Indigo Girls were, at that point, if you can believe it. I listened to some Bob Dylan and a lot of Pink Floyd and had been previously listening to a hell of a lot of soft-rock starting at about age 11. Before that, I listened to essentially nothing but Catholic hymns and cartoon show theme songs. That I didn't end up starting a Richard Marx cover band is something of a lucky break.
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You're lucky. I remember finally getting over the shyness of playing in front of people after high school and playing Indigo Girls songs at friends' cottages all summer long.
The thought horrifies me now.
The fact that I have been the Guy with an Acoustic Guitar at a Party causes me much unrest to this day, being as crusty and cynical as I am now.
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Be assured, I eventually learned about Indigo Girls when I went off to college. From a lesbian guitarist/singer/songwriter I developed a pointless crush on, no less.

And I used to play "Runaway Train" at nearly every goddam opportunity.
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yikes. that's almost as good as playing "Jane Says."
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I just thought it was, like, really emotionally, like, meaningful. I heard that Dave Pirner, y'know, cried when they recorded that song.
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re: Your Song

Fricking hell! That was your first song? I've been writing songs sporadically for more than a year now, and my lyrics/melodies aren't nearly to that level.

re: Runaway Train

Don't feel bad; I felt the same way about Come On Over-era Shania.
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The aforementioned earlier recording. Oy.
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This is a pretty good first song.

I just thought it was, like, really emotionally, like, meaningful. I heard that Dave Pirner, y'know, cried when they recorded that song.

And I need to point out that this completely cracked me up.
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Hey, I loved the original "Oy" version too. Awesome song.
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Criminy, that was pretty damn good for fifteen or any age. Not to mention that most fifteen-year olds think they're experts at life. That's some good perspective.
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Great song.
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