This Is Hollywood

December 25, 2008 5:12 PM

Two chords and a lot of bad memories.


Wade has been using
He is skeleton thin
With his thick caveman features
And a maniac grin
He searches the gutters
For butts of cigarettes
He is waiting for his dealer
Who ain't shown up yet
Wade has a trick
He buys up cheap wine
Then bumps into tourists
On Hollywood and vine
He drops a bottle
And demands that they pay
Wade says he makes
Eighty dollars a day
This is Hollywood

Alfonse is an extra
in low budget shoots
He's greases his hair back
And wears thrift store suits
He lives in his office
Right off Wilcox
It's ninety dollars a week
For a 100 foot box
He washes in the bathroom
And sleeps on the floor
And he used to be broke
But not anymore
He made 100 on Tuesday
To get shot in the head
Because he says extras
Are just worth more dead
This is Hollywood

Jamie is surly
And scowls nonstop
He screamed at a bag boy
For watching him shop
But he dresses in vinyl
And has ratted black hair
Cuts his arms with razors
So it's hard not to stare
He's been leaving needles
In his apartment bathroom
And he's going to be thrown out
And it will happen soon
His landlord is coming
With a cop at his side
To watch out for Jamie
Who has threatened suicide
This is Hollywood

These are the kids
This is the trash
They rocket to the West coast
Here's where they crash
A dirty strip of city
A country that doesn't care
If you're going to crash anyway
You might as well crash there
This is Hollywood

posted by Astro Zombie

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