Fickett Street

December 29, 2008 2:11 PM

Inspired by true events, and wanting to rip-off the repetitive drone of "Baby's On Fire."

About a month ago, I was driving near downtown Los Angeles and saw a really very mopey hipster couple in a parked car on Fickett Street. The woman was crying. I went home and whipped this up.

"Fickett Street"

Sunrise over cemetery, downtown glitters hopelessly
Parked down here on Fickett Street, it all seems like a very bad dream
We didn't hold hands, we didn't talk much, I didn't pay for your lunch
And I'm sorry for that
We didn't think about the rains that were comin'
We didn't bring raincoats, we didn't bring hats
So the rains went, “Pit, pat, pit, pat, pit, pat”

You shouldn't have brought me downtown anyway.

Amazing we're still going on, had our first date at Forest Lawn
Because you said you liked the view
Parked down here on Fickett Street, we know we've got nothing to do
You were very mysterious, I was very plain
We both had the same first name – androgynously
Talked about architecture, talked about culture
Until we realized we had nothing to say

You shouldn't have brought me downtown anyway

The skyline is a twittering jackdaw, pecking at my eyes
It's time to break our final ties
Parked down here on Fickett Street, it's pitiful symphony of sighs
I shouldn't have gone to that warehouse party,
Shouldn't have acted so care-free and bawdy
When the opposite is true
I shouldn't have worn those tight skinny jeans
I shouldn't have talked about design magazines
I shouldn't have talked to you

You shouldn't have brought me downtown anyway
'Cos the fact of the matter is, Andi, I am gay.

posted by ford and the prefects

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