Kari Ann

December 30, 2008 6:28 AM

A getting ready to leave town song.


In eyeliner and lipstick
I'm not the man I thought you'd pick
For a reckless night with you
But I'll stain kisses on you now
If you will just allow
Me maybe just an hour or two
Kari Ann

You must have noticed, Kari Ann
I'm not a very tough young man
But I think tonight I can fake it
I will soon move away
But we have tonight anyway
If we decide to take it
Kari Ann

You interview me
and I'll interview you
Like we're already famous
Like the famous people do
Maybe we're just nobodies
In this nobody town
But if I am down here with you
Then what's wrong with being down

Tomorrow I cut my hair
And then I pay the airplane fare
And the next day it's Hollywood
If you would agree to stay
We have tonight anyway
If we want it we could
Kari Ann

posted by Astro Zombie

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