Girl Cave

January 4, 2009 12:23 AM

A song dedicated to my girlfriend for how cave-y she made her room.

I wrote this while in California over winter break. It's pretty simple. I can't decide if I like the drums or not. The voice at the end is a sample I found on freesound of some guy talking about cranes and peacocks and strangers and the summer palace of the dalai lama. I have a version of the track without drums or anything here. It's one of those deceptively sad songs that I like writing so much.

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I like the clicking drums, I almost wait the entire track for a carrying beat to pick up and it never does and that creates some good tension. The panning is really well done as well. I'll be sure to check out the drumless vers as well. (and freesound sure kicks ass -- it's like my new best friend)
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Dunno if you meant the sound of the drums or the beat - I really enjoy the kind of lopey, lopsided quality of the beat. I don't know enough about drum machine sounds to really have an opinion on those. The melody / harmony is very nice, I see what you mean about deceptively sad, but I find it kind of uplifting!
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For some reason this song triggers a flashback to my early days in the Buzz community; namely some of the music we used to exchange with each other. This, of course, is much higher quality and has a smoother feel to it.
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The reason it sounds like I'm using buzz is because I started writing music with Buzz and haven't changed my writing style despite switching to first to Reason and then to Ableton Live. Also, the arped part does sound a lot like a machine I used to use in buzz, forgot its name.
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