There Is Nothing (And It's Fine)

January 7, 2009 2:55 AM

Recorded on my lil' Samsung cell phone, at a friend's apartment.

Entirely improvised, on the spot. Would love to post the lyrics, but I just sort of spat them out over a chord progression. I think it's about a girl.

posted by ford and the prefects (2 comments total)

cute as hell.
i dare say the cellphone mic even gives the axe a nice fat wet sound, tho that might be more attributable to you playing. I'm actually pretty impressed with how good the dynamics work, given that you're pretty much just over driving the little recorder.
i have to know: guitar? mandolin? uke?
posted by es_de_bah at 9:24 PM on January 7, 2009

Guitar with a capo on the sixth fret! I think the fatness might be down to two things: 1) I was a little drunk, and was hammering that S.O.B. like nobody's business, even though it's just a strummy thing, and 2) how close I was to the phone. I think I may record more with my cell -- especially vocals. I like the old-timey, tin can quality it gives the recording. Thank you, $4 (after rebate) Samsung! Who needs an iPhone?
posted by ford and the prefects at 10:07 PM on January 7, 2009

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