Anybody know any good independent music review blogs besides Pitchfork?

January 9, 2009 4:12 AM

And DayTrotter. Pitchfork hurts my eyes and although I love Pat Stoli's work at DayTrotter I'm looking for some even "deeper cuts" if you catch my drift.

I don't get much chance to listen to music let alone look for good music these days and I only see bands I'm booked with(quite often very great).

As you can tell my tastes are pretty all over the place so I'm open to anything as long as it is "wow" worthy.
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Someone else recommended Tiny Mix Tapes, which I've found to be pretty good.
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Musicophilia is the best music blog I've come across in a long time. Ian, the writer, is a true gem, and his mixes are really fantastic.
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Oh, yeah, recently featured on the Blue.
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awesome, thanks
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I would point you to the Fimoculous best of 2008 music lists. Poke around those linked therein and see which ones are most aligned with your own tastes.
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Dusted Magazine - much 'deeper', generally a lot classier. - Basically the Canadian Pitchfork, featured somewhere in MeFi if I remember correctly.

Stereogum - Pitchfork-esque

Foxy Digitalis - Reviews of albums I've mostly never heard of.

Stylus Magazine - Great site, been defunct for a year or two now, worth skimming anyways.

Raven Sings the Blues - Lots of mp3s, generally pretty psychadelic.
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I'm a big fan of I-Rock-Cleveland. It does feature a lot of regional acts from Ohio, but the author also covers music from all over the world. The blogger (Bill) has good taste and is down to earth.
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Flagpole (Athens, GA)
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some sites i already knew, some i didn't. great. thanks.
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