Dracula is a Friend of Mine

January 28, 2009 9:51 PM

We started out trying to make a song about the old Nintendo game Rygar, and there's still parts of that in there, but at some point it got mainly concerned with Dracula.

Words and sing by TNasty. I was watching Starsky and Hutch on AMC tonight, and there was a commercial for pills or cars or something that had the exact riff that serves as the verse here (recorded this a month or two ago)... so apparently it's not the most original thing in the world, musically speaking.

Now AMC is showing Death Wish II. Hell of a channel. Did you know Charles Bronson's character was an architect?

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The riff's not unoriginal -- it's classic.

This is pretty fun. It reminds me of something I might hear on college radio in 1988.

The vocal distortion is dirty without being ugly, which I like.
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The last band I was in once attempted to write a Christmas song. It went along fine until the second half of the song, whose lyrics somehow became "Back to the woods with a pair of rusty scissors. Gonna cut your face off, bitch/John (who, incidentally, was me)" sung to a riff virtually identical to the one in your verses.

I don't recall having heard it in a commercial.

Also: this song is pretty awesome.
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Sweet sweet hesher rock (in the best way).
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