Creep (acoustic STP cover)

March 3, 2009 2:36 PM

My attempt to exorcise some high school nostalgia. The lyrics are as dumb as they always were, but now there's banjo and mandolin!

A few rough bits in here; the timing going into the final chorus is all effed up, is the main thing bugging me. But all in all it fell together well, I think.

I continue to experiment with per-track and master EQ, and I played with a master track peak limiter this time around to try and bring up the overall volume of the track without mindlessly compressing or introducing significant clipping into the mix. I've been a little frustrated with Garageband compared to Adobe Audition in terms of my sense of control over that leg of things, but I'm hoping this is a step in the right direction.

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There's a little more story behind this cover happening, viz the nostalgia angle, but that's kind of embargoed for a couple weeks.
posted by cortex at 2:48 PM on March 3, 2009

Oh fine, be all secretive then.

*taps foot repeatedly, and looks in the other direction*
posted by -t at 3:46 PM on March 3, 2009

Hey man, I like this a lot more than the original, and I LIKE the original...

I'm glad you posted this. There have been quite a few of those '90s songs in my head, related to memories too, but sometimes they seem a little impotent or muted because of the "sound" people were focusing on then. You know, like some of them weren't fully realized.

Big applause from me!
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Thanks to crappy internet tagging I always thought this song was called "Not Half the Man I Used to Be." Some good vocal work on this one, you've got a voice when you sing out. I was wondering if that was an upright bass than I saw the tags. On a side note, for the first 1 sec of the song I could've swore this was "I'll follow the Sun."
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Yeah, it's upright bass. Gave myself a damn blister from that, actually; wish it was because I tore it up, but it's really that I don't play enough to have calluses on my right hand. I should really do something about that.
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You know you're getting old when you lose your calluses on your right hand.
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Oh, that Creep. "STP" doesn't immediately say "Stone Temple Pilots" to me, so I was expecting a Radiohead cover and also trying to figure out if STP was an instrument or what.

I have this weird problem where I always believe that all Stone Temple Pilots songs I'm familiar with are Nirvana songs until someone points out otherwise to me. And then I forget again.

At any rate, I think this is pretty great.
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I haven't been around much lately, but I listened to this because (probably for nostalgia-related reasons) I've always liked this song. This is a really nice treatment. You've got, uh, great feel when you, erm, play with yourself.
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Oh, that Creep. "STP" doesn't immediately say "Stone Temple Pilots" to me, so I was expecting a Radiohead cover

hell, i honestly thought he meant TLC and wondered why he would do an acoustic version of that

i like that one better than stp, anyway
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Haha, this is fantastic. Your mixing is sounding way better, too -- EQ is working very well to, uh, "lift and separate". Bass is tricky to manage because it's really hard to correlate what you hear with the visual representation of the meters/waveform. I can detect no hard clipping, and it's a nice punchy mix, so you've limited well.
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I too think I like this better than the original (a song I have quite a nostalgic liking for myself). I also wonder what it says about the roots of pop music that so much of it works so well in slightly mournful bluegrass-y with banjo style.
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Wow! This is really excellent, cortex.
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Sounds great. I can imagine it's a challenge to mic an upright.
You did a nice job and the banjo and mando are nice 'n punchy.
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Embargo lifted: Me and Wilder and Creep, and happy birthday, dude. L'chaim!
posted by cortex at 9:25 AM on March 15, 2009

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