A Little Gift to Make Up for Not Participating in More Challenges...

April 3, 2009 10:59 AM

On April 21st, my band Tangemeenie is issuing a small limited CD release of "The Gilded Age," our first full-length since our only previous full-length debuted way back in 2002 on the tiny but mighty indie label Animal World Recordings. Since the MeFi music community played such a key role in helping me to complete this project (by providing feedback on rough mixes and helpful advice on the nuts and bolts of different stages of the production process), I'd like to invite everyone here to help themselves to free downloads of the final, mixed, mastered and officially-certified finished product over here before we release it in the usual way.

I really appreciate all the constructive feedback I've gotten on these songs over the last year or so.

The linked directory includes downloads of all the individual tracks on the record, the entire record for simultaneous download in a zipped (.ZIP) folder format, and a JPEG of the front cover art from the CD packaging.

Hope you enjoy!
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Oh, and here's the track listing. The order is important because there are cross-fades and other transitions from one track to the next in some cases. I know it's not what the cool kids are doing these days, but this is still supposed to be an album.

When burning this to CD, set the burner not to automatically insert gaps between the tracks, with the exception of the tracks marked by an asterisk (which should have a 2 second gap after them).

01 - Memory Hole
02 - 1,000 Tiny Knives
03 - Flesh & Bone
04 - Underwater Silent Film
05 - Secret Book*
06 - King Flesh & Bone
07 - Left Hand/Right Hand*
08 - The Gilded Cage
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This is fantastic saulgoodman, thank you very much. And this brings up an idea. Perhaps we could come up with a mechanism to do "metafilter only" releases. A way in which you could post this thread, with the link to the record, and that it would be only viewable by registered users.

I have no idea if that is possible at all, but it would be a good way to give whoever who wants to make a release like this the possibility of doing it, while protecting their commercial interests if the album is also going to be released through the normal channels.

That is just a thought, but in any case, thank you very much for the link and congratulations on arriving at a final mix!
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micayetoca: thanks! your feedback has been really encouraging and supportive throughout the whole production process, so i'm glad you like the results.

i think your suggestion is a great idea. some kind of registered-user-only feature that lets metafilter music users post whole collections of songs would be excellent, since there are a number of members who produce album format works they might like to be able to share only within the metafilter community.

in this case, i'm not too worried about keeping this stuff from getting around online, though. we're eventually going to release everything online under this creative commons license anyway. we'll release it commercially, too, through digital retail and our online store, but since it's really pointless to try to keep people from distributing it free online, too, we're not going to bang our heads against that particular wall with this release. our only real commercial hope is to find good licensing uses for the songs. if we could basically use licensing our music to finance giving it away online, it'd almost be worth the shame of selling out. ;)
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I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but these are some GREAT tracks/songs. Thanks for sharing the album with us!

I don't know shit about the $ end of this kind of stuff, but I wish you luck, and I hope you DO make some $. It would definitely be well earned and/or deserved.
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