Breathing On Another Planet

May 4, 2009 6:37 PM

One of the first songs I ever wrote, remade in a multi-million-dollar studio by a band that broke up shortly after it was recorded. The original version is here.

Recorded over a very frustrating 48-hour period in Studio A at Middle Tennessee State University. I sang lead vocals and played an Epiphone ES-295. Melissa Nanney sang harmony. Dave Cate played an Ovation Viper. Ryan York played tambourine, a Fender Precision Bass, and a Hammond organ (through a Leslie speaker--drool!). He also recorded and mixed it on two-inch tape. Yes, he has twenty arms. Brandon Saurel played drums (no idea what his kit is).

I've recorded this song three times now, and this is by far my favorite version.

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What, no comments for this little beauty? Let me fix that for you.

This does start a little slow and the volume seems a bit low, but once you start singing, it really grabs me. Your voice is AWESOME and well used (you nail every note), the arrangement is great and overall this is a great song!

I can't wait to share this with my wife, she's a sucker for a truly great female voice. Thanks for posting this!
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