Lost at Sea

May 5, 2009 1:40 PM

I decided to take a trip back to when I first started writing music on my computer. (No, this isn't a submission to the montly music challenge.) This is a super noisy track, from my Buzz days. Very different from anything I've written lately, but one of my favorite tracks I've ever written.

The track was written on Jeskola Buzz. I use a short sample of a Broken Social Scene track ("KC Accidental") as the basis for the entire song.

I have no idea how I was able to get Buzz to produce so much feedback. It's a bit loud at times, but that's ok. Also the clipping is out of control. I wish I still had the files so I could take a look at it again.

I've been posting a lot of songs recently...
Maybe I'll cover this song for the monthly challenge. I'm deciding between this and another.

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re: the clipping /feedback - I loved that about buzz, you as long as you didn't break it the output you could do some wonderful routing. Fastracker was nice, but it wasn't until buzz that I thought - Hey maybe you can just you use the computer to do complete tracks. I really ought to download buzz again for nostalgia's sake, it was a wonderful time. Oh my, look at that - Oskari is developing Buzz again! Wonder if he has a backup solution this time? Maybe mute's ftp is available?
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