The Lift

May 7, 2009 2:17 PM

Another Sauna Song. Recorded at 4 this morning, and actually sounds more like it was recorded outside than my last song, even though this one wasn't at all. In drop D, but tuned down a whole step.

In the Lift, is where I saw you.
Above the Lift, is where I met you.
Beside the Lift, is where I spoke to you.
Behind the Lift, is where I knew you.

The Lift doesn't need, it doesn't keep you.
The Lift isn't what I need out of you.

It's just where I saw you.

posted by Corduroy (9 comments total)

Oh man. I love drop D. And I love this. I'm a big fan of the simple drone - and the backing vocals are great - I wanted more of that - more layers to the harmonies. Lovely though.
posted by freya_lamb at 2:41 PM on May 7, 2009

I totally love drop D. I think nu-metal gave drop D a bad wrap.

Bit of a western/country vibe on the vocals on this one. Really nice pacing.
posted by dobie at 7:40 PM on May 7, 2009

Take the stairs, take the stairs. For God's sake, Take the stairs!!!

Not playing the guitar, I have no idea what drop D "does" for a song. But this has a nice thrumm to it, like power lines out in the desert.

I like the droning-over-the-horizon backup vox, as well.

What's the percussion? Garbage can lids?
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 2:58 AM on May 8, 2009

That's cool. And a much better recording and mix than the last sauna recording, in my opinion. The floppy droning is really nice, and I think the doubled vocals with the room tone sound good here. Nice work.
posted by uncleozzy at 5:35 AM on May 8, 2009

I'm a fan of detuned, or tuned down instrumentation. Gives things some aural freshness, some mystery, some unexpectedness. This is cool. I also like how not 'in the pocket' the percussion is. Ramshackle.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 5:50 AM on May 8, 2009

Thanks a lot, everybody. God, I love drone-y anything, which is part of why I love alternate tunings so much.

Karlos, the percussion was two things: 1) an old pizza box, and 2) some sheet metal, loosely connected to a wall.
posted by Corduroy at 6:33 AM on May 8, 2009

You're on to something with this series of songs. I like this a lot. I'm also a fan of the sloppy sound of loose low strings.

I had two reactions that are connected to each other: I wanted the tune to build up and add layers even more than it did at the end, and I really want to hear you attempt more harmonies. I think it would take it over the top, in a good way.
posted by umbĂș at 6:54 AM on May 8, 2009

I feel like harmonies can be tricky territory, so I usually take a more-is-less approach to them. I think I might get my girlfriend (who sang on Apfel Augen) to add a track of harmony, and see how it goes.

Also, is it just me or is there something about the bugs that seems to actually be in harmony with this particular song?? I don't know the terms, but it almost sounds like an instrument. Shit, I won't be back with these particular bugs (I actually think they might be frogs) until August, but I will surely try to get a second, louder track to put over this then, and see if it works. Or maybe bugs just always have this effect.
posted by Corduroy at 7:54 AM on May 8, 2009

I like this a lot. It reminds me of the first songs you posted here, with the added bonus of that percussion (and that percussion is really cool). The lower tuning works very well with your voice and singing style, I think. And the harmonies in the "it's just where I saw you" sound really good.
posted by micayetoca at 5:41 AM on May 11, 2009

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