The Great Curve

June 4, 2009 12:41 PM

One of my favourite songs by Talking Heads--an experiment of sorts.

A fantastic track from my favourite Talking Heads album, and probably my #1 favourite album, to date (Remain in Light, 1980).

This was a bit of an experiment on my part, trying to blend our live recorded song with additional tracks that came in post-production. The polyrhythm in the vocals would be all but impossible with just the three of us, and we had mostly just been limiting ourselves to only live recorded tracks because of the limitations in our equipment. That's not the case, anymore, so I think it was worth the shot. We also had fun playing around with some of my new percussion toys.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with this track, except maybe if I could remove the distortion noise after I finish with the Stylophone, but it's stuck on the same track as the loop, and I forgot to record some empty distortion noise after we were done.

Timbill – Soundboard, Looped Vocals, Theremin, Lead Vocals, Stylophone, Harmony Vocals, Polyrhythmic Vocals, Hold, Move
Tréteque – Bongos, Flute, Mini Megalomaniophone, Cymbal w/ Sizzle, Brushed/Tympanic Bell, Egg Shaker, Jaw Harp fail (alas, this didn't make it onto this take because it broke, gloriously, during take one, but it’s worth noting), Hold, Move
Pheatherwäit - Flute, Hold, Move

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aforementioned Jaw Harp fail
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