Cheer Up Charlie

June 5, 2009 5:12 PM

I learned this song on acoustic a week ago to try and best my roommate's version of "Somewhere Out There" from American Tale. I also needed to test out some new equipment in my studio. Then this happened. Let me know what you think.

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Bee bopping foot stomping fun :)
posted by american caesar at 10:25 PM on June 5, 2009

Awesome. It works so well like this, it's just perfect.
posted by chococat at 8:50 AM on June 6, 2009

Now this really WOULD cheer Charlie up! This is great! Thanks for posting it.
posted by snsranch at 3:18 PM on June 6, 2009's just perfect.

The original was perfect - for its audience. Everybody in my age group can remember this song. We loved watching our Willy Wonka on the VHS.

Sincere thanks for the comments.
posted by dagosto at 2:45 AM on June 7, 2009

Never heard this before - like it! Mix could be a bit tighter perhaps. Vocal gets a bit lost. But loadsa fun and perfect for late night at a festival when everyone is steamin...!
posted by MajorDundee at 2:36 PM on June 7, 2009

Vocals get mixed low where I come from. So yeah, you're right MD. I'd totally love to play this late after a set of balls out metal just to get everyone stupid. It'll happen, for sure; as long as I keep my dreams in view.
posted by dagosto at 12:41 AM on June 9, 2009

Oh man, there was a song in there! I don't like the original, I gotta admit, but I like your version a lot.

"Vocals get mixed low where I come from."

And I like it. I remember that band from NY that got unbelievably famous a few years ago. (the strokes, I believe). I didn't like the band, but I liked it that they were the first mainstream band I heard with the vocals buried under the rest. Anyways, back to your song: great version. Congrats.
posted by micayetoca at 1:35 PM on June 11, 2009

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