Chrome Shuriken Dragonfire

June 15, 2009 5:12 PM

A song about growing up with 8 bit sprites as your only friends. A tribute to C64 and the escapsim of 80ies computer games. It's a bit of a pop-ish production, I know, but I'm not singing about love or anything like that.. I'm singing about sprites.

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Escapsim -> Escapism.
posted by gmm at 5:13 PM on June 15, 2009

Wow! There is a great big old smile on my face listening to this. Thank you! Can you post the lyrics?
posted by Matt Arnold at 5:34 PM on June 15, 2009

Head-bobbingly good. There's lots of fun sounds in here.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 2:16 AM on June 16, 2009

Thanks guys! Here are the lyrics:

Shuriken Dragon Fire
Samurai Monster Slayer
A shadow of beast - to the east

The temple of shoguns
The roads of the outruns
A planet alone - to be found

The childhood rites
Those rasterized mights
The eight bit fights

The laws of the robots
The goddess of phobos
A turtle possessed - to the west

In the worlds of another
Beyond the turbotape loader
A planet to stay - far away

The childhood rites
Those rasterized mights
The eight bit fights
posted by gmm at 4:55 AM on June 16, 2009

you are singing about love, just not the way you think. and it's just about perfect.
posted by man vs sun at 7:27 PM on June 16, 2009 [1 favorite]

I didn't care for the vox at first, until you printed the lyrics. Once I could properly tell what you were singing, it was suddenly a lot more fantastic. It was already pretty fantastic, with the synth, but doubly so, now.
posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 12:03 PM on June 17, 2009

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