"L'estate esiste"

July 18, 2006 4:41 AM

Gionata (www.gionata.net) swiss artist singing italian songs

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This forum is for original music recorded or performed by a member of Metafilter. I'm guessing that you are not "Gionata". (Just a polite reminder).
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we write and producing songs together. Nenieritmiche is the name of our small record label. Just take a look www.gionata.net
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Chiedo scusa per la mia discrepanza. Potete ora colpire la mia madre nel suo pancia.

I'm joking, please don't hit my mother!

I'm not really familiar with European or Italian Pop anymore, but this song does remind me of riding around Napoli during the summer and falling in love with about 1000 beautiful olived skinned girls. Thank you for sharing this song!

And no, I can't really understand the lyrics, but I'm still trying.
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This is some delightful dance pop!

*bounces head*
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Ciao everybody,
below you will find english translation of "L'estate esiste". Hope you enjoy it !

"L'estate esiste" (Here is a summer song)

Some things are hard to believe
As for instance that summer exists, but it's here
You can't deny the sea
even though you cannot swim
Beauty is never easy

But here is a summer song uh oh
where coherence just does not belong
A lack of significance
mechanically multiplied

Some things are hard to believe
Heaven knows if there's a software that can make flowers blossom?
You can leave in a pit without ever seeing black
you can fly so high without ever coming back

But here is a summer song uh oh
where coherence just does not belong
Herewith I openly take sides
with the light heart of the wise

A summer song
where happiness belongs
We'll say hello and then goodbye
we'll let the sand make us fry
We'll discover ourselves virgins in front of an ice cream
A summer song where coherence does not belong...
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