June 30, 2009 10:43 PM

It's still June for another hour and seventeen minutes, server time.

I had been meaning to come back and retrack this with a tighter arrangement, but it didn't happen, so here's the kind of loosy-goosy rough draft.

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If I'd made the time to rework this, my hope was to sit down and specifically lay out a more nuanced harmonic structure for the four backup voices (what's there now mostly works, but it's really straightforward for the most part) and get them coordinated into some more explicit counterpoint motion against the lead vocal.

A big part of that'd be some vocal callback action in the backing vocals—work in some echoes or anticipations or riffs off of the main lyrics to give it a little more sort of fun snappiness.

I've never really listened studiously to doo-wop, but I've always liked the sound of it, and considering how much I enjoy vocal harmony I should probably listen to more of it. A tight doo-wop acappella take, with a more assertive lead vocal along with the rest of the above, would have been really fun to pull off, and maybe I'll come back to it at some point.
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I'm not into this song nor was I into this particular challenge. I found this enjoyable though. It is definitely rough but perhaps that makes it a bit more charming.
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Like I said, about a thousand hallelujahs... keep 'em coming! Hahahaha!
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This is wonderful.
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Wow. Um. Yeah. This is great and I subscribe to your personal doo-wop newsletter.
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