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July 4, 2009 11:37 AM

I grabbed a second copy of the Korg DS-10 synth in order to sync with the first copy and make richer and/or more elaborate tunes. This is my first stab. It wasn't til I'd finished it I realised I'd basically subconsciously covered the Mass Effect theme.

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I'm impressed. Was it all done on the dual DS-10s, or were there any other synths used with it? This is the best example I've seen yet of someone using the DS-10 as a real instrument, instead of something to sequence crappy techno (96% of the DS-10 songs I've seen/heard). Thanks for this track, I really enjoyed it!
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Yeah. 100% DS-10s. The only thing is doing the fade in and out at the start and end in a wave editor, though I could have done it from the DS, it was just easier after recording. Glad you liked it. There's some wicked stuff on Youtube, though, DS-10-wise. A lot of them are covers, but they really show what can be done, even with just one copy.
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Most of what I've seen has been, basically, ass techno, with no one making any new, or creative sounds.

I don't use mine much for sequencing, other than fake drums/percussion, though I use it a lot in conjunction with other, live instruments, for odd sounds, and rancid dumpsters. Most people seem to use it for something mediocre-ly between chiptunes (which are awesome) and original sounds (like you created, here, and are also awesome). Presets are, mostly, for the weak (in my oh-so-humble opinion).
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Yeah, you definitely have a point.

This one was something a bit more experimental I did with only one copy.
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I saw that when it first came out, but never got 'round to listening to it. I'm glad you pointed me back to it. It's really nice to see more abstract applications to the program.
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nice work!
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