Jill Turned On the Radio

July 6, 2009 8:51 PM

Yet another from my series of glam and punk inspired songs about the series of tubes we call the Interweb.

Jill turned on the radio
She didn't like a thing she heard
The droning of the melodies
She couldn't stand a fucking word
Another boring love song
Another teenage star
Jill turned off the radio
And Jill picked up her guitar
She sang ooh, ooh ooh

Jill knew only two chords
And Jill couldn't keep the beat
But she had a computer and a microphone
And she could record and could delete
Jill wasn't sure what to sing
But she figured what the hell
With the shit that's on the radio
Jill figured she might as well
She sang ooh, ooh ooh

So there were clicks on her recording
There were places where the microphone popped
So what if her music was made up
Of fitful starts and stops
Jill wasn't making pop music
Jill wasn't looking to sell
But Jill she had a guitar
And so Jill figured what the hell
She sang ooh, ooh ooh

posted by Astro Zombie

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