I Miss sleepy pete.

July 10, 2009 11:42 PM

Because he rocks.
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Yeah, I noticed he'd left MeFi some time back. Don't know why he left (and Melissa May, too), but I miss his contributions as well.
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Same here. And I'm really glad you posted this. I'm wonder if there is a way to go, carry him on our shoulders and bring him back to MM.
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I was also wondering where they both went! I miss their music too.
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They also both stopped participating over at MetaChat (and his profile there was appended with the single note "Done") around the same time (April/May this year). Not that I'm stalking them, but I was wondering too. I imagine Cortex would know the score though obviously they elected not to make a public statement about it. I exchanged messages with Hiram a couple times over RPM Challenge and Music in the past but I don't really know them.

There has been relatively new stuff going up on their weblog for your stalking ahem rather your friendly and harmless interest needs.
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I forgot to clarify, when I said him, I meant "them", including melissa may.
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Yeah, me too. A little over a month ago, I sent him an email telling him how great one of his songs was, because I had gone to their band's website seeking out a fix of sleepy pete and melissa may's music. I don't know the details, but it's a terrible shame if frustrations with other parts of metafilter drove him away from mefimusic as well.
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Yea, I miss them too. They had a really sweet and thoughtful presence here not to mention their great music.

I've noticed over the years that sometimes people kind of "graduate" from MeFi as they move along with their lives.

Cheers to them! I wish them the best!
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They've both had long histories with mefi and each have their own individual frustrations with aspects of the site, which I think only get magnified as a result of being a couple. So they both just sort of, yeah, started feeling like on the whole their interactions with the site were getting to be net negatives in one way or another, despite what things they like about the place. It happens with folks sometimes.

While I miss having them around on the site terribly (and don't manage to see nearly enough of them in real space at this point either, which I ought to do something about), I respect the fact that they're taking care of themselves mentally by stepping away. Dropping one or the other of them a line via their blog or email is probably the best bet for keeping in touch at this point, as far as I know.
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Yep, speaking of which, here's a note to us from sleepy pete. I sent an email and this is his response.

"Thanks so much for the kind words, it really means a lot. MM and I are both just dealing with some real life--nothing bad, just jobs and family and other projects--stuff like that. It makes spending time on MeFi, and especially MeFi Music, really tough. I think that I (sleepy pete) also started having a lot of problems going to other parts of the site and not becoming really annoyed, which is both ridiculous and not good for my mood (I'm not going to speak for MM, but it was along the same lines I believe).

We're still making music and I still check in when I can. Thanks again for the kind words. I miss y'all, too. Maybe one of these days when things get back to a normal busy, I'll be back. Thanks to snsranch for pointing this out as well.

sleepy pete"
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He was the first comment on our first song posted here, but beyond that, I didn't know much of him. I feel like I've missed out on something important.
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That's interesting askmeaboutLOOM, because he was the first to comment on my first song, too. They definitely added a bunch to this website, and I always looked forward to their posts/comments. I miss them as well, but luckily I am living in the same city as them and so have met up with them a couple of times. They (especially Hiram) seem to be in the middle of a bunch of music.
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Now y'all got me wondering who was the firsat person to comment on my first song here... was it sleepy pete? Nope. It was rhapsodie, who said she wanted more. Well, she got more! But you know who commenter #3 was on that first song, don'tcha? Yes, it was...

*drum roll*....



Who, to date, has made an impressive 1426 comments to MeFiMu! Thanks, sns!
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I like sleepy pete -- he invited me to look him up next time I'm in his town, which is pretty cool.

(First person to comment on my first song here is flapjax, but actually micayetoca scoops him through dint of finding my website before I'd posted any songs here at all, and commenting over there [and telling me I should put some up here, so blame him]. Sleepy pete, though, was the frst person here to make a Magnetic Fields comparison.)
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The first person to comment on my first song here was riotgirrl69, who is not even active anymore. Ages later snsranch dropped by and left the only other comment on that song. When that song went so largely ignored, I almost stopped posting.

The thing with sleepy pete is that he went beyond just saying "cool!" or "post more" (as I often do). His comments made it evident that he is one of those persons who is constantly thinking about music, from every possible angle. He is a very interesting guy and even though he is insanely talented, he is very down to earth.

That time he helped me with a song, it only took a couple of comments from me and he absolutely got the sound I was after. We had said a couple of times "some day we should do something together" and when I asked him to collaborate on that, he dived in. It was amazing, and I love the result.
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1426 comments, snsranch??? Wow... thanks are indeed in order!
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micayetoca was the first to comment on my first song. It was encouraging to say the least.

Hi SP & MM if you're reading this far down the thread. Keep on keepin' on, no matter what notes you're making or where!

...hope it wasn't my breath drove y'all's away!
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Let's make that 1427! Thanks for the nod guys. Mefi is a community but MUSIC is a bit more like a family. There is no way you guys (we) would be posting such personal, challenging, new and maybe even embarrassing things if we didn't have that awesome vibe here. Sleepy Pete and Melissa May definitely had a hand in that.
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