Love Is The Drug

July 14, 2009 3:52 AM

That Roxy Music Classic, done acoustic.

This is the first try at it, could go No Depression or could go reggae from here. Most of the vocal will stay, I think.

I've always liked the song, but like most of Bryan Ferry's stuff, I didn't know half the words. I think the first four lines, about the bell, are the best- sort of transcendent.

there are some great videos of the band in the early days on the 'Tube. Wacky!

If there's ever a movie about the band, kd lang should play Ferry. Just sayin'.

posted by Liv Pooleside (4 comments total)

Eno should put on a ridiculous wig and play himself.

I love this just the way it is--simple, honest, calling out.
posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 6:42 AM on July 14, 2009

I don't know the original, but I quite like this. If you want opinions, I'd vote against making it reggae. I think this same track (guitar and voice) with some intense strings would sound fantastic.
posted by micayetoca at 7:19 AM on July 14, 2009

On first listen I really liked it.

On the second listen some of the looser doubled vocals were distracting.

Still, very good.
posted by hifimofo at 8:45 PM on July 14, 2009

Thanks for the comments.

It's continuing to evolve. I've redone the guitar, cut back a lot on the second vocal, and am experimenting with some bass now...
posted by Liv Pooleside at 3:20 AM on July 16, 2009

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