You're Not My Girlfriend No More

September 22, 2009 9:57 AM

Perhaps you can guess from the title, but this is a breakup song.

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I dig this; the fuck-it-all attitude and sound especially.
posted by uncleozzy at 10:59 AM on September 22, 2009

Eww! That cough is nasty. You should get that looked at.

That piano solo is brill.

Is this a full band? What's your role?

This is pretty great -- it has a good staggering, shambling feel to it; reminds me of the Popes.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 8:48 PM on September 22, 2009

SMUT is mostly a two man show.

I do lyrics, vocals (i'm the one who can't sing), bass on some songs (not this one) and some of the arranging.

My good friend Jim is the much more talented half of the band. He does guitar, bass, backup vocals and the lion's share of the arranging, including the drum machine track.

The piano on this track was provided by one of the SMUT Irregulars.
posted by 256 at 9:34 PM on September 22, 2009

That was a hell of a lot of fun
posted by InfidelZombie at 10:46 AM on September 27, 2009

This song sounds like a party.
posted by edlundart at 9:48 PM on September 27, 2009

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