The Comfort Of Strangers (Eleanor Says)

September 25, 2009 3:58 PM


A demo from, I think, 2006 or thereabouts. It could be improved upon in various ways - is what it is, and I know I'll never get round to a revision.

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Thanks TWF - another one of my semi-drunken late-night oh-I-think-I'll-upload-something-why-not errors of judgement. This one is definitely a b-side. It's ok, but that's about it. Some of the guitar fills at the end save it from complete banality.

Actually, I was wondering abut a possible collaboration having heard some of your material and thinking there appears to be some common ground. I'm working on something at the mo that's hit a brick wall and it would be good to pass the idea to someone else to see if it can be unlocked and moved forward. It is, by the way, nothing like this track - more in the line of my heavier stuff like "Blind".
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I like how the tags you posted become a puzzle of sorts. I actually think this track goes pretty high on my list of favorites among your songs. The melody is catchy and the bass is super warm (you have a way with that). I can understand what you mean by banality I guess -- it does have that "politeness" I think I have brought up before -- but you just pull it off with such mastery that it transcends that for me. And yeah, cowbell. Pretty sweet.
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the tags aren't meant to be a puzzle - they just come out that way because they are alphabetically ordered after the upload. All I said was "acoustic that's about it really what more do you want for fuck's sake" :-)
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Something in the back of my mind was thinking "Phil Collins" as I listened to this. In the best possible way, of course. This is a really nice sound. And I know it's corny, but I'd really like to hear a bigger arrangement and (yes) a modulation after the middle eight.
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Well - ozzy, the stage is yours mate! I have a weird resistance to revisiting old tracks - I just can never get enough enthusiasm up. You work on your own, so you know how much fucking effort is is to record a track. The thing that keeps me going is the exploration of new material, the stepping into the unknown etc etc, so once I've done a track I'm afraid that's pretty much the end of it for me. Onwards and upwards (or, more often, sideways)!
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