Maria...Lorianne... (part one of two)

September 27, 2009 1:09 PM

Spacey, instrumental, bongo-heavy breakbeat-driven jam with vintage analogue organ sounds sampled from a Baldwin Funmachine. This part contains an ambient section. Long story detailing the composition of this song inside...

One of my favorite bartenders in New York told me that she's celebrating her 10th year tending bar at DUFF'S and my friend and I are such delightful regulars that she would like us to do something for her party.

Despite my advanced party-making abilities, it's hard to contribute anything concrete to a bar that's already decorated and is always a party; I do however spend a large part of my time putting samples together into songs.

This particular composition is based on a previous composition I made in honor of a beautiful girl I met my freshman year of college. One day, I awesomely stepped out my comfort zone and approached her in the cafeteria and told her I thought she was beautiful and asked her name. Then, as I was a nerdy awkward finding-myself-type back then, I promptly disappeared into my hiding-hole with my sampler and my weed.

It later came back around to me that I made a big impression on her and she was sad I never pursued the relationship I obviously wanted with her. I have no idea what became of her. I composed a song at my grandmother's house, using her badassssss analogue Baldwin organ, later I combined the organ melody and the beat from "Do it till you're satisfied" by the B.T. Express in a song in her honor.

So, in honor of another gorgeous grrl, I decided to remake the song from the original samples. Unfortunately, in the years since, I have reformatted hard drives, and when I mounted the disk where the lengthy organ composition should have been I found it contained every season of Star Trek: The Next Generation instead of audio fragments. Presumably, the original organ composition is lost forever.

Instead, I sampled from breaks in the original version song, so the compositions ended up sounding very different. Different songs for different people.

Because of the length of the composition, I've arbitrarily broken it in to two pieces. It was composed entirely with free, open-source software.

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Oh, I see, I guess I'll post the second half tomorrow.
posted by fuq at 1:11 PM on September 27, 2009

This sounds amazing. I am not at all an expert on this kind of music, but it sounds world class to me. I really like how it dissolves into the ambient section and then how you bring it back. Masterful.

Oh, and bonus points for the story.
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