October 7, 2009 2:49 PM

6 categories of word smithing, one book = bible, and a thesaurus is the brief version! Enjoy...

One day my band was sitting around talking about how 'spin' method and censorship has taken over the world. So we decided to come up with words that are poignant and clear about particular topics that people refuse to talk about. Bad words are some of my favorite!
The six categories are Gossip, Sex, BDSM, Religion, Disease, Imprisonment. Then we tried destroyed a thesaurus and a bible looking for words that rhymed and would fit into the sing song aspect of the backing tracks.
Wade Alin produced the song for us on the album "Fragments" and added some amazing glitchy sounds to mess with your head before filling it with so many words.
It has been a big hit with our fans.

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