Simple mixing desk for the home studio?

October 28, 2009 8:11 AM

What kind of desk do you produce on? By that I mean, what kind of actual table or desk do you sit at when you are producing music? Can you recommend something?

Currently I have this setup. Everything is on a desk I got at IKEA a few years ago. While it works, it isn't optimal. Due to the position of the curve, I don't sit equidistant between the speakers and if want to sit in the sweet spot, I have to shift my head over to the side a bit. Ideally I want to sit facing the window at a desk that is a few feet away from the wall. This will allow the speakers to be a bit farther from the wall and lose some resonance that off-colors my mixes.

I want a way to tuck my interface and outboard gear a bit out of the way but still in reach, but I still want to keep it racked in flight cases for when I have to go mobile.

I like some of the stuff over at M-Rack and Musician's friend, but they are maybe too big and too pricey.

What do you have? Can you recommend something better?
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definitely not a perfect solution, but i've been using one of those adjustable restaurant wire shelving units on wheels.

easy to roll out so that you can attend to the wiring. easy to adjust shelf height for gear. slapped a keyboard drawer on the front.

and it's sturdy.
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Well, if you follow your own link then select "similar items", you'll find this for $199. Symmetrical, smaller than your other examples, and on four casters (two locking) to roll things around. For $199, that's no more than an Ikea desk, really.
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(although based on the reviews you'd do well to replace the included casters with something more heavy-duty from the hardware store)
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What I have done was taken an old office desk and modified its structure to fit my needs.
Total cost:
$0 for the desk. (reclaimed furniture)
$35 for the knock out kit. (in order to cut a perfect hole for cabling)
$10 for large plastic grommets. (prevents wires from getting frayed from the sheet metal)

NOTE: This is for people who have basic construction knowledge. If you understand power tools and what there applications are you can build a whole lot cheaper than purchasing something that may leave out that one vital element you would like. This way you get what you want. Not what you pay for.
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I personally hav ea couple of odd desks that are pulled away from the wall. with odd wooden little shelves and structres for rack gear etc.

its quite haphazard but was cheap.

to me it looks like you need a bigger desk and just pull out and to the left. move the bookself to get your monitors off the wall.
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you might want to check ou tthis Ikea Hack:

have always meant to do it but never remember
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