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November 3, 2009 2:22 PM

Home Taping, anyone?

Just saw this on Projects, and I'm going to do it. I know some of you make an album every month, but if there's anyone else here that needs to be inexplicably motivated by a web site that says you should record an album in a month, there it is!
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It's a fun process, although not one I'd personally like to attempt too often.
You may also want to consider the RPM Challenge in February, (which is actually in the States so you may be able to attend a party afterward) which several Mefites have participated in previously.
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30 whole days? Where's the challenge in that? :)

Good luck with this, ignignokt. Be sure to post your album here when you're done.
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November is also NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month).
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Thanks! I just realized that I have to reinstall Ableton and that my old sfz drumset is gone. Can anyone recommend a free and simple VST or AU drumkit that doesn't sound too synthy?
posted by ignignokt at 2:39 PM on November 4, 2009

RPM is the original. I've done it two years running now. The sheer number of completions is mind blowing.
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We took part in this year's RPM challenge, and plan to do it again next year. We also added the restriction that none of the music we used on the album was even written before the beginning of February, and we only had four recording sessions at roughly 2-3 hours apiece to do the whole thing.
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I heard about RPM challenge towards the end of February 2007, but having been embroiled in a major house remodel for the two ensuing Februaries it never came together. I'm hoping 2010 bill be the year I make it happen. Good luck with the November equivalent!
posted by usonian at 4:44 PM on November 7, 2009

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