Derry Pair

November 4, 2009 7:23 PM

The first song for my new Irish band, The Peter O'Tooles, about a comely young woman from Derry and her desirable fruits.


What's that she'd got a hiding
Under the tight blouse that she wear
She winks and then exposes it
Exposes her Derry Pear

Any man what sees it now
Crosses himself and says a prayer
It's heaven just to look upon it
Upon her Derry Pear

It's hard enough when she walks by
Not just to stop and stare
Some men are bold and call right out
What I'd do for that Derry Pear

She carries it in whatever she's got
Her hands or a spare brassiere
Most men want to help her with it
With her Derry Pear

Her face is bright and pretty now
Her manner is gentle and fair
But men they are mostly keen for
For her Derry Pear

She has a lovely singing voice
We love when she shares her Derry aire
But men say they that much prefer o
Prefer her Derry Pear

Men they fight just to be with her
They shake their fists and glare
She likes it when they battle for
For her Derry Pear

Many a man has been driven mad
Frothing and tearing their hair
They never recovered from just one look
Look at her Derry Pear

posted by Astro Zombie

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