November 12, 2009 12:20 PM

A drinking song in waltz time for the Peter O'Tooles, telling a tale of semi-sober pub hookups; loosely borrowed from "Irish Lullabye."


Maybe I've been drinking
Drink agrees with me
I've tippled some
From old Roscommon
To County Offaley
But it ain't drink I'm after
Not stout nor pot whiskee
No, put a glass
In front of a lass
And that's the thing to me

What use is there for pubs, man,
To get social or else to get tight
And as for me
I want company
For a long and lecherous night
There's always somebody looking
For exactly the same thing as me
If I have me druthers
We'll find each other
And buy each other whiskee

One drink will get you kisses
Two drinks will get you more
I've toasts a-plenty
For a girl just past 20
So tell the bartenders to pour
I love them when they're drinking
They adore me when I'm tanked
When I lay me head
Next to theirs in the bed
It's the whiskee o I thanked

They drink to give them courage
I drink to give me more
When they've had enough
Of that sweet blended stuff
They point me to the door
They go until exhausted
I go until they're done
That's the use of whiskee
From old Offalay
To County Roscommon

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