Bound to Pins and Needles

November 12, 2009 7:26 PM

Ahoy! I finally had...well...made a free few hours to work on some music. Here's what I made.

Good grief, getting a doctorate makes it hard to do anything else. Who knew?!? Hope the MeFi Music folks are doing well!

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posted by nosila at 7:27 PM on November 12, 2009

Gard darmit. I meant to say that I forgot to take out the geetar clicks at the beginning. Apparently I am sucking at cutting and pasting both on Metafilter and in Digital Performer.

By the by, this mix will be worked and reworked if this ever ends up on an album. Disclaimer. Rabble rabble.
posted by nosila at 7:29 PM on November 12, 2009

If only Cat Power founded 4AD records. I like your brand of spookiness.
posted by not_on_display at 3:57 AM on November 13, 2009

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