God Rest Ye Merry Juggalos

December 25, 2009 6:03 AM

Santa Clown is coming to town.

I have no explanation for this. It's not quite an homage, not quite a parody. I find it every bit as bizarre as you do.

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This is the best christmas present I could have asked for.
posted by clcapps at 5:05 PM on December 25, 2009

This is so perfect you scare me. Why, why? How?? How do you possess such diabolical skills?
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It's just that two things had to happen for this to exist. First, you had to come up with the idea. Doing that I can understand. But second, you had to have the follow-through to actually go through with it.
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Or he just had to be an original member of teh posse. We're callin' you out tonite!
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"Jump down the chimney, take a dump on your floor!"

Yeah! That was pretty fucking great.
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Why do you have to swear so much? There are better ways to express yourself, you know. *shakes head sadly* also, get a haircut

That circus synth line is pretty swell.
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No way. There is no way this song exists.
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Wow. I'm having undergraduate flashbacks to when I was roommate with an ICP fan. He even had a cat named Faygo (good cat... I miss him). This is a creepily impressive impersonation.
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Glad you guys enjoyed this. It really started with the title: I heard "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" on the radio one afternoon and thought it would be funny with Juggalos. I worked out the beat a couple hours later, but didn't write the second verse until, I think, Christmas Eve.

I have a sort of strange thing with ICP. I've really only been exposed to them through my cousin--a lifelong (real) rap fan who, presumably by virtue of being a white kid in the semirural South, got into ICP in the mid-90s. I remember riding home from the airport with him, blasting ICP in his rattletrap pickup with the "sick" system and thinking it wasn't so bad. I wouldn't count myself as a fan, by any stretch, but I get what they do, and I can dig it, if I'm in the right mindset.

Plus I like swearing and cartoon violence.
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I have about the exact same experience with and opinions of Insane Clown Posse. It only starts to weird me out when my brain loses the "cartoon" part of the violence.
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