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December 30, 2009 9:35 PM

For snsranch: Three. More. Notes.

Tréteque: Bari Sax
Timbill: Live f/x manipulation

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There's also one brief cluster chord from me on the Oxygen8/QSR.

We'd been trying to record an effected sax solo for the last several sessions, and never got one that sounded righ until we were just dicking around with the clip-on sax mic, and it all came together without really trying to do it. I love when that happens.
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Whaaaaat? That's crazy. Those sounds seem to have a lot of potential. Like, putting three together to get a harmonica kind of effect.

I like hearing little snippets of voice like "Let's try [indistinguishable word]".
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While I'd like to keep up the appearance that what we were actually doing was deeper than just dicking around while twiddling on knobs, it really was just that. The voices were mostly just heckling from the peanut gallery. I cut out most of it, so the transcript thereof goes as follows:

fade in
Tréteque: ::trips over own dang self::
"Wireless mic, my foot. I'm tripping over cables I never even knew existed."


(sax solo starts)

"Ugh, that's rattling and disgusting."

"See, that's a beautiful sound."

P: "Uugggghhhhhh"

Tb: "That is the crunchiest sax sound ever--I love it."
Tr: "I can make it crunchier."
P: "I can feel it grinding like gravel in my teeth."
Tr: "Is it crunching your skull?"

(extended trill, pause)


(trill continues)
(Pheatherwäit moves her monitor headphones in front of her ears)
Tb: "Are you trying to pull yourself out of the sax vortex?"
P: ::nods::

(Pheatherwäit pauses her wah pedalling)

Tb: "Keep going."

(I realize the drive setting on the ring mod is WAY too high, turn it down. Distortion is gone, time to use the actual ring modulation)

(end of the solo, as the delay tapers off...)
Tb: "expecting it to come back one more time
Tr: "Me, too."
Tb: "That was pretty awesome--once I turned the drive down on the ring mod, it was no longer distorting like crazy, though it was beautifully crunchy when it was."
Tr: "Yeah. 'Cause it was clipping here AND there AND everywhere...CLIPIFICATION!"
Tb: "There's going to be just a cloud of red in Audacity when I get to it."
Tr: "Gross."
Tb: "It works pretty well, though."


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I like the crunchy, too! A lot more than I like the squeaky, that's for sure.

How do you like the Moogerfooger?
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I love it. Best $300 I've spent in a while.
posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 8:40 AM on January 3, 2010

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