January 4, 2010 1:40 PM

This is what happens when nobody knows how the song goes, but you play it anyway.

Around Christmas, I got together with some guys I played in a high school band with and re-recorded some of our old material. This is an outtake from the end of a very long day.

Somehow, I wound up behind the drums, and a guy who barely plays anything wound up with my guitar, and he started playing Enrique Iglesias' "Hero," which nobody else knew. It didn't help that two of the guys hadn't touched their instruments in more than 10 years.

This is, in case it's not obvious, 100% live.

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Would you fuck
If I asked you to fuck

posted by cortex at 8:25 AM on January 5, 2010

That's funny.
Way to rock those fills.
This immediately puts me in that mindframe where you've been rehearsing way too long and nobody's really into it anymore and you pretty much just want to go home but people keep dragging out songs to play half-assed versions of and inevitably you end up playing an E chord for 15 minutes while the other guitarist wanks away and experiments with all of the knobs on his rack of pedals and all of the beer is gone.
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That is pretty much exactly how this happened. Except we hadn't run out of beer yet, thankfully. I'm pretty sure we would have packed it in and gone to the bar if we had.

The beer actually explains an awful lot about the second half of that day.
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You can take my hunger away...

This is a good one to keep around and listen to when you all get together again.
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Oh, this is fantastic. Thank you for posting this.
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Is it just me or are the lyrics in this version kind of sweet?
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he started playing Enrique Iglesias' "Hero,"

In some places, that's 'nough to get beat up.

This version's funny though. Hopefully, one day Enrique Iglesias will google his name, find this and learn from it.
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This is. Awesome.

"Would you jumprope? If I asked you to do that particular activity?"
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Hahah! So good.
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Wow, how did you come across this? Listening again, I think the best part might be the guitar solo in the wrong key.

Now I sort of want to do this again. Well not exactly this. But more or less this.
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