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January 30, 2010 10:08 AM

It's that time again...RPM Challenge - its 5th year! Who's in?
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I think I am! I just bought a bunch of drum mic stuff and a new M-Audio interface, so I gotta justify it somehow I figure.
posted by cortex at 3:12 PM on January 30, 2010

I think we are, as long as other rehearsals don't get in the way too much. We have a much better recording setup than last year, and I have ideas for a couple of new pieces.
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I'm in too, just spent this afternoon planning out what needs to get done when in order to have a chance to finish. It looks doable on paper anyway...
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One of these years I'm going to have enough time in February that I can attempt the RPM project without it becoming as stressful as the things that get in the way of finishing it. A couple of weeks ago I realized that 2010, like 2009 and 2008, is not going to be that year... but there's consolation in knowing that MeFi music is a year-round outlet that's probably ultimately more fulfilling anyway.

Plus, as fast as the last 2 years have come and gone, it will be February 2011 before I know it.

(And I'll probably be too busy then, too.)
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i'm doing it - the temptation of being able to claim 4 years in a row proved to be too much - besides, what else am i going to do?
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Not I, I'm afraid. Not enough free hours in the coming month.

Cortex, congrats on getting some new recording gear. What kinds of mics did you pick up?
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I'm in. I need a good kick up the arse.
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I got a six-piece Audix set; kick mic, three tom/snare mics, and a couple of overhead condensers, plus the required pile of stands and clips and cords. Fed it all into my little yamaha mixer the other day and roughed out a stereo mix, and it's like PLAYING IN THREE DEE.

Unfortunately, I have not magically become a better drummer as a result, so I guess I need to keep making an effort or something.
posted by cortex at 7:47 AM on January 31, 2010

I don't have the time to take it seriously this year, but I'll turn in something, even if it's a 35-minute ambient track written on my iPhone.
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even if it's a 35-minute ambient track written on my iPhone

Ah, the Brian Eno approach. I like it! Depending on how busy rehearsals are for the prog rock band I'm singing for, we may have to cop out with something like that, too. My ambient piece based on the Doomsday Clock should be able to fill some extra space, if need be.
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I'd be up for this on the basis of a scratch band with other MeFiMusos. I wouldn't be able to record an entire new album on my Jack* without ending up (a) divorced (b) out of a job and (c) in an asylum (some would say I should be there already, mind you).

I reckon four or five of us getting together and doing two or three tracks apiece is feasible. One person would have to "produce" the final album to get some semblance of continuity, I guess. Worth a shot. Any takers?

* bit of the old Cockernee rhyming slang for you there "Jack = Jack Jones = on yer own". Other notable examples include a Brad i.e. "Brad = Brad Pitt = you can work that out for yourselves.
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Next thing you know cortex will have turned blue and be playing those drums on some giant flying lizard.
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Ah, the Brian Eno approach.

I have one app that almost seems worthy of Stockhausen. I'm really looking forward to finding out what kind of strangeness I can coerce out of this thing!
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I'm in yet again, and this year feels like the one when we'll actually get it done! We decided to up the ante and go full rock opera in hopes of maintaining our interest for the whole month. We'll see how that turns out.
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yes!. Spent teh last couple of days getting things ready. Fixed my guitars intonation for one! cleaned up the studio a bit. labelled the Mixer sends better and logically.

kicking off after work tonight.
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I've got a few projects I'm working on right now, but one of them requires that I write a bunch of short songs around a theme, so there's a really good chance I'll actually manage to finish an album. I'd really like to, anyway.

It might be a 10-minute album with 20 tracks, though.
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How the heck did I miss this post when I posted about the same topic yesterday? I feel like a bona fide idiot.

Anyway, I'm in!
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I've never recorded, much less created any original grouping of sounds resembling music before, so this.....probably won't be too pretty.

Oh well, might as well use this as an excuse to finally put the copy of ableton live I have on this machine to good use.

I'll post some of my auditory excrement here from time to time.
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Throw away your common sense and get an album!
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ropeladder: did you post yesterday? I had a look before I posted this to make sure I wasn't duplicating. I still can't find it! Sorry if I stepped on your toes.
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Next thing you know cortex will have turned blue and be playing those drums on some giant flying lizard

Hey Flapjax we must have played with the same drummer at some point....you remember....the one who dropped too much acid and forgot to breath between beats. He also used to drool and drag his knuckles across the floor, which the acid just exacerbated......
posted by MajorDundee at 2:58 PM on February 1, 2010

Uh, Dundee... that was me. But I've made a real name for myself in certain performance art circles for my knuckle dragging. In fact, it's made me a very rich man. You'd be surprised at the kind of money the art world will cough up for 'drooling and dragging', as we call it in the business.
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Every time I do it I say I'm not going to do it again, so I'm going to do it again, I guess.
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our drummer did take acid before a show at the water rats in london (c.1995). Fell off his stool in the middle of the fourth track after playing a largely unscheduled drum solo. Show abandoned.
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tvhc - Ha!! One true story I have re drummers is, way back in 1977 (oh my god...) I was a schoolboy in a punk band. We did a gig at a local club and, apart from getting beer glasses and chairs thrown at us, the drummer hadn't secured his kit to the floor properly. It gradually crept towards the edge of the stage and we watched as it gracefully toppled off onto the dancefloor. We were all drunk and stoned and, given we were the area's first punk band, we though it was the epitome of cool....we were pretty vacant and we didn't fucking caaaaaaaarrrrrrrrre!!
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