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January 31, 2010 2:55 PM

Yay, I get to play lead guitar in a band for the first time in 20 years!

Also, the band is made up of me and three other friends whom I have played music with seperately, but never all together:

- John, whom we named the band after aganist his will. He has a PhD in poetry and writes the music and lyrics, and plays 12-string acoustic guitar. He was in my last band.

- Boris, whom I've known for 23 years. He plays fretless bass. We have played tons of music together over the past two decades.

- Nat, the drummer, normally a guitarist, had never played drums before starting this project. He was my roommate in college.

And ME ME ME! On lead guitar! And it's FUN! I even got a new guitar for this project. :D

All in all, it's come together very well, and we've recorded 4 or 5 songs and are now looking for a second drummer (for that Butthole Surfers/Grateful Dead vibe), and then maybe some gigs. Yay music!

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This sounds exactly like I think a Vermont band would sound right now, in 2010. Are y'all from Vermont?

And congratulations on achieving Guitar God status!
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I'm the only native New Englander, but we all live outside of Boston. I'd love to play a gig in VT.

(Psst! here's a good VT band: Bow Thayer & The Perfect Trainwreck)
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That's a cool sound... nice vibe.
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Hey! Sleepy pete's back! That deserves another hooray!
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Hello! Hooray!
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i love a novice guitarist turned drummer. this is is really nice. I dig John's (slightly nerdy) intensity and Nat's ear. Boris holds the two reckless kids together with a veteran's sense and you...
Well, you do that nice trick of comping well and then letting it fucking go.

What's the band's name? I live in the Boston area and I want to see you!
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The name of the band is The John McEliece Experience, but that is subject to change. John doesn't want the band named after him. But every other name we've come up with sounds like it was created by a committee of 14-year-olds. [Like "S8N" or "Custer's Last Band" neither of which fit the music quite anyway.]

Oh we have a MySpace page, too!

(And yes I had to look up what "comping" was. Thanks!!)
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Band name? I keep suggesting "My Gay Friend Don" to anyone who even hints that they're looking for a band name. And I'm going to keep suggesting it until someone adopts it.
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I asked your gay friend Don, but he said to name it after John. (shrug)

And I'm not adopting him, either! Unless he promises to clean his room.
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Congrats n_o_d!!!!!!!1 Sound damn good.
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The chorus reminds me of that Sabbath song "Who Are You?" (Which I like.)

You've got a really reedy lead sound. What are you playing through there?
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I think it's through a Peavey, one of those 1980's or 1990's models.
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Oh, the band name is Short Wave now.
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