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February 6, 2010 4:11 PM

First song posted from our band. Two ukes and a guitar. Feedback appreciated.

This is a song I wrote. It's performed by me on uke, my flatmate singing and on second uke and another friend on guitar. It is minus an accordion part played by my girlfriend and rough round the edges. Check out my bum note on the lyric "wrong" - fairly apt!

We have about 8 original songs and will record an EP fairly soon under the moniker thous&thees.

Anyway, enough rambling.

posted by multivalent (7 comments total)

very nice. i dig the clockwork punchiness of the first bit. the 1-2! (along with the airport fiction line) puts me in mind of Guster's 'airport' in a good way. I love the ammount of noise you get out of a non-percussive acoustic set.

i also really like the way you do the change-over, simple but well-coreographed and I'd love to hear a less foggy version (really just on the second half) when you guys record.

and welcome to mefi music
posted by es_de_bah at 5:22 PM on February 6, 2010

Welcome to metafilter music!

I really like the idea of switching the role of guitar with ukulele's and bass with a guitar. That adds an unexpected twist to a familiar idea. I really want to hear what the accordion does to this. Your roommate's voice sounds a lot like the guy from Great Lake Swimmers. Really nice job! Are you planning on recording the whole EP live like this, or with tracks?
posted by Corduroy at 5:33 PM on February 6, 2010

I like the way it sounds sort of like a live performance - very nice tune. I'd love to hear it with the missing accordion part.
posted by ORthey at 10:28 PM on February 6, 2010

Really nice stuff! Agreed with ORthey, hearing some accordion in the mix would be great, too.
posted by cortex at 9:07 AM on February 7, 2010

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's good to get a song online. The recording is really terrible and the density of the sound is really overpowering in the second section. This is because it was recorded on the internal mic of a macbook and just into garage band. It sounds like a live performance because essentially that's all we know how to do ORthey!

In terms of the recording it's quite hard to know which way to go:
- We definitely want to maintain a live sound in the recordings but are at a stage when we want to buy a microphone or two. Any advice here would be great for gear. Would you say we could get a good, if not pristine sound with one or two condenser or ribbon mics set a little way away from us as we play? Any (fairly budet) recommendations of models that might be worth looking at?
- The studio we have is essentially a folk session recording place; so at most we will probably do the songs in three tracks, one vocal, one guitar and one with the other instruments. Sometimes there is a glockenspiel or organ in place of one of the ukes and my girlfriend plays cello on most of our other songs.

I'll definitely post a version of this with the accordion part when she's back in Glasgow at the end of the month.

Jamie my flatmate was very flattered by the Great Lake Swimmers comparison. I think his voice is also similar to his fellow Canadian Jason Molina sometimes of Songs Ohia.

So, thanks again. You've encouraged me greatly. I'll post some more of our recordings here in the near future.
posted by multivalent at 3:36 PM on February 7, 2010

This is a good song. I enjoy the Meta-ness of the "the chorus repeats" and stuff.

I'm not familiar with GLS, but your singer has a nice voice anyway.

I agree that the second half is somewhat overwhelming.

This makes me want to hear some rice-in-an-oatmeal-carton percussion.

As far as mics, I am very far from an expert, but I'm a fan of my Shinybox ribbon mic.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 5:11 PM on February 7, 2010

It is a very good song, and the different sections work very well with each other. Though the faster part could use some sort of introduction. Perhaps using a snare fading in before the uke starts playing that fast part. But it is a great song and, as Karlos said above, welcome here!
posted by micayetoca at 6:15 AM on February 13, 2010

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