Take Up Yer Cudgels

February 13, 2010 5:49 PM

Place your bets, ladies and gents! The fight is about to start!

Our first recorded/completed track for 2010's RPM album, this is a bass guitar duel between two guest stars. The depths of variation in sound available between the two effects setups is really quite impressive. I was there, and can hardly believe it's just two bass guitars. As with so many things, I highly recommend listening with a good set of headphones--some bits can be pretty subtle, and lost on speakers.

Cur'thulhu: Electric Bass Guitar, Super Collider effects
Déxtröse: Electric Bass Guitar
Timbill: Live Effects Manipulation for Déxtröse

My apologies for the low bitrate, I had to reduce it significantly to fit the size requirements.

High Bitrate MP3 available here.
FLAC available here.

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An excerpt of this piece in video form available here.
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