March 10, 2010 12:51 AM

This one's about community- mostly about survival by peaceful cooperation. I know, I'm an idealist!

"Work to build upon the land

Where honest people lend a hand

And fight for all the rights they can,

Like believing, in malcontent

As it is, I think I've found

Those people in the underground

Drive the hardest deals around

And it causes, malcontent

of world events.

Memories of accidents

Are all that I have of the end (of a friend(s?))

I wouldn't be the man I am,

If it wasn't for those events

And some malcontent

Truth is who holds the pen

In which we write it in."

Yeah, that last part makes absolutely no sense.

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Yeah! That's some great fuzz. The vox remind me a little of Meat Puppets.

I would have gone to see you play live in 1988. (I assume you would be on a bill with the Bedlam Rovers.)
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 3:40 AM on March 11, 2010

Just goes to show how old-fashioned I am - I was going to say "there's a good track in here but you need to turn that fuzz down a bit". Ha! I would like to hear this without that though (or with it kept more down in the mix), I think it tends to mask some of the other nice stuff that going on in the back of this. Trouble with using fuzz in this upfront Jesus & Mary Chain way is that it uses up a hell of a lot of headroom in the mix - kind of spills all over everything - and also causes a kind of subliminal aural stress that actually makes it tiring to listen to over an exended period. That's not a criticism of your track by the way - just a general observation about the uses and abuses of distortion. Christ, I sound like some old duffer shaking my walking stick at you young varmints.........
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