April 14, 2010 10:08 PM

After listening to a lot of Felix da Housecat and early '80s minimal-wave, I wrote this nu disco/electro track over the course of the evening while perusing contentious Metatalk threads. Feedback on mixing/levels would be quite welcome!
Notably, this is my first track making use of my newfangled USB Midi controller. I'm not a keyboardist my any means but it did make things easier. Created using FL Studio 9.
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I'm digging the minimal wave aspects of the song, it'd be great to hear Oppenheimer Analysis-esque lyrics over it.

I'm not as big of a fan of the first sound in the song, it's a bit too bombastic, but then again I really like minimal wave and am not really into nu-electro.

But sweet track and good job with the FL Studio. Keep making em.
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I like the first sound in the song, it's more guitar than synth really, sounds like a lot of distortion. But then again, I don't know what minimal wave and nu-electro mean, so I could be making no sense.

What I really like about this song is the beat. You've managed a electronic music feel that swings. The hit-hat is not quite unjilted from it's digital roots, but something in the way it doesn't line up with the bass, and the chord stabs falling just behind, gives this song a nice, pockety groove.

My favorite sound is the melody sliding up and down the notes (particularly the octaves at the end of the phrase). Is there a name for that kind of effect?
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If you were really going to get specific about genres, I would call this a modern take on italo disco. Lots of synths, minor chords, cheesy drums.

I think the pitch-bendy effect is called portamento- I did that by using a monosynth and holding down the original note while hitting other notes to bend it around. Lots of fun! What was neat about this song was that it didn't go through endless revisions to get the sound 'just right'- it kind of just happened: i guess i'm getting better at songwriting.

The tambourine is a bit 'off' because the tambourine I got off had a bit of a shuffle to it that the rest of the song doesn't have. Honestly I'm a bit sick of how so much modern electronic music is exactly on-pitch and on-time- it doesn't feel 'real' to me.
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