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April 23, 2010 10:30 AM

For St George's Day, a song about 'loving your country' - if you catch my drift.

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As a fellow-Brit I had a big smile listening to this - absolutely splendid. Jolly well done RokkitNite. Reminded my (in the best possible way) of the Bonzos and the late, great Viv Stanshall. Let's have that brilliant lyric......PLEASE!
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top hole. i always think of Anne Wiiddecombe in such situations. the 'supine' and 'lupine' lines were absolutely fucking wonderful, if you'll excuse my French.
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Interesting song. Can you post the lyrics?
posted by tdismukes at 11:30 AM on April 25, 2010

I try not to think of Anne Widdicombe, unless I'm trying to last a bit longer......
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Sure, tdismukes. Here you go:

Your love makes everything fragrant and shiny
Like the dew in Springtime
Time slows, my woes become flagrantly tiny
You remind me, don't you know
That behind me
Lies a past with no regrets
Can't watch a sunrise
In a land with no sunsets

The Empire's falling, but dahling, your beauty
Is the stuff of fiction
And I've tried stalling my spluttering diction
But the friction, don't you know
I've an itch when
You lie supine on the bed
Keep lupines from the door
With pictures in my head

When we're making love
And my countenance shudders above
Don't be surprised
If I close my eyes
And think of grans in deckchairs
Close my eyes and
Think of England

You're lovelier than a bluebell, and regal
Just like Queen Victoria
It can't be legal, this well of euphoria
I adore ya, don't you know
When I first saw ya
My heart caught fire like a star
I need cold water
To delay the last hurrah

When the lights go dim
And congress is due to begin
Don't be surprised
If I close my eyes
And think of steaming cowpats
Close my eyes and
Think of England

Seagull stools in pools of ale
Headlines from the Daily Mail
All cool my ardour without fail
So petunia if you want me
Open wide for Queen and Country

So our society's broke, we're a joke,
Punch-drunk and post-Imperial
One smile from you makes it all immaterial
Just ethereal, don't you know
Nations come and go
Like irises in June
All the land we need
Lies right here in our room

In a sweet embrace
Should you happen to notice my face
Don't be surprised
If I close my eyes
And think of puke-stained pavements
Part your thighs
And think of heaving slave ships
Open wide
And think of... David Cameron

Please don't be surprised
No don't be surprised
If I love you
I love you
I love you

Listening to it again, I wish I'd put on a hammier accent. I think it owes a lot to Honey Pie and all the other affectionate music hall pastiches. I was listening to a lot of Jake Thackeray when I wrote it and wanted to try a piece of articulate, English whimsy... while of course being very dirty.
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