Sanctus Langanum Immolare

May 8, 2010 11:28 PM

Loosely translated, it means "Holy Cake Fire." That's exactly how awesome.

Track 11 from our 2010 RPM album, Demons of Gyrophonia & the Rotatable Tremulant All-Stars, I'm breaking my own rule in posting this. We had initially decided not to post anything else from the album here if we didn't have video of the performance, but I think this was too awesome to exclude just because the camera was recharging at the time. Also, we've been on a bit of an involuntary hiatus due to schedule conflicts, so here's something off the wall from the back catalogue.

All effects are realtime, as usual.


Timbill (William A. Corder, aka me): Effects, Manipulation
Maĵor Tom (Tommy Scheurich): Viola Brucia

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nice title. and nice music. i like the synergy between the playing and the manipulation. and the space in it too - none of that looping that everyone (including me) gets sucked into. sweet.
posted by peterkins at 2:54 PM on May 9, 2010

Thanks very much. In case anyone cares, the effects were tube distortion (through my amp), octave harmonization (one octave down, via Digitech Whammy), Wah, delay, and reverse delay. The feedback-ish sounds at the beginning and middle are exactly that. Wah, distortion, nothing else. I discovered that bit on accident during setup, and thought it was nifty.

We recorded another, similar viola solo to lead off a cover we did about a year ago that has yet to surface here (it may come up later this week, if I get 'round to it).
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