I. Aardvark

May 14, 2010 9:07 PM

We just accidentally a whole album, is this bad?

We didn't plan to record an album worth of material in a single night; it just kind of happened. The first notes of the album were played a little under 27 hours ago, and it was all done in about an hour and a half (counting a 20 minute break in the middle).

The end result is a 42 minute suite, in seven parts, which we're calling An Evening With...


Timbill (William A. Corder, me): Mandolin
Tréteque (V. Y. Beauregard III, man vs sun): Bowed Guitar
Maĵor Tom (Tommy Scheurich): Viola, Accordion

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The whole album is now available for listening/purchase at our store, as well.
posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 10:17 PM on May 14, 2010

very lovely. i like the flow in this one and the instrumental combination. some bits are really quite beautiful in a desolate kind of way.
posted by peterkins at 12:53 AM on May 15, 2010

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